the league

I play in an NL-only rotisserie baseball, modified ultra league that has been in existence since the 1980s. Though I’ve only been involved since 2008 it is an obsession.

what we’ve got

We get standings updated through the most recent day’s action:

daily standings

We get standings from an arbitrary date, set by the league commissioner, through the most recent day’s action:

historical standings

what i wanted

  1. The ability to see historical standings on any single date during the season
  2. The ability to see changes in the standings between two arbitrary dates

what i did

Of primary concern was the need to preserve the state of the standings every day. At some point during each 24 hour window, I (or a script) needed to pull down the state of the standings.

If I missed a day, those standings would be unavailable thereafter. My script would pull the standings 2-3 times per day in case they were unavailable or altered.

Once I had the data I put together two initial reports.


standings through an arbitrary date:

standings thru date

standings diff between two arbitrary dates:

standings diff

the final product

Check out the code. The site was originally hosted at:

what i used

what would come next

Rotowire makes available raw performance numbers for each team, historically (including previous seasons). Retroactively, every team’s daily totals could be collected and some interesting reports could be generated, such as:

  • most/fewest X for a team in a single day
  • most/fewest X in in a Y-day span
  • best results at particular roster positions: 1B, SS, etc
  • an audit of final season standings

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