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Revisiting the 2014 AL Wild Card Game

April 2, 2015

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I rewatched the 2014 American League Wild Card game over the offseason. Here are some notes from the most heartbreaking baseball game I’ve ever seen.

Top 1

Moss two-run bomb. BOMB. Ron Darling made a good comment. A second-pitch change up from Shields without establishing a fastball. ‘What are you changing up from?’

Bot 1

Lester was a little wild to start. Aoki FC, then steals second. Good hitting by Butler cuts lead to 2-1. And then, what was Butler doing walking off first? As it would play out, the hard tag by Soto at home would kick off a huge storyline.

Top 2

Soto batted in the top of the second. His left hand looked terrible, shaking it. According to TBS graphics, the strikezone looked up and in and down and low consistently to both teams through the first two innings.

End 2

Soto leaves the game. Again Darling points out a hard tag is required in today’s game with replay, not wanting to leave anything to chance.

Top 3

Donaldson batting with one out and Fuld on first. Punches one through the 5.5 hole. Moss rips one down the first base line which doubles up Fuld at second. If that gets down the line it scores one. Instead inning over.

Bot 3

Moustakas beats the shift to left to open the inning. Escobar sacrifices. Aoki with his second late time call that Bill Mueller allowed. Calls time twice in the AB while Lester has started to the plate. “The old fly in the eye”, Darling and Ripken joke about. Cain two out double down the left field line ties the game. Duck fart to left by Hosmer scores Cain to go up 3-2.

Top 6

Sam Fuld broken bat single to lead off. Donaldson really close pitch on 2-2 called a ball. And also for ball four with Fuld moving. Then yost calls in Ventura to face Moss. I thought good move to make sure Shields doesn’t face Moss or Reddick. 2-0 fastball Moss takes Ventura deep to center. Reddick follows with a single to right and to second on a wild pitch and to third on Lowrie sac fly. Ventura pulled for Herrera. Adam Dunn was up and dipping with a bat in his hands. He thought he could get in this game. Vogt flies out. Norris punches one up the middle to score Reddick. 6-3. Sogard infield single Escobar can’t get it out of his glove. Coco RBI single scores Norris. 7-3. Darling says, “These [A’s] fans have been waiting two months to see this team. The team that can string hit after hit after hit”.

Bot 8

The A’s have a 96% win probability at the start of this half with a 7-3 lead and Jon Lester on the mound. 1-1 to Escobar. Getable ball goes between Lowrie and Sogard. Though it was hit slowly enough was probably an infield single either way. 2-1 ball up to Aoki, Escobar steals second on Lester-Norris. Sogard nice play for the first out on Aoki, moves Escobar over to third. Cain RBI single up the middle on fastball down. 7-4. Really close ball ripped by Hosmer off the glove of Vogt called foul with Cain moving. Then later Cain steals second on Lester. Hosmer walks and Melvin pulls Lester for Gregerson. Butler goes to right center to score Cain. 7-5. Gore runs for butler. Gore steals on the first pitch. Hosmer scores on wild pitch (7-6). Gordon walks and Perez strikes out. Perez had no interest in shortening up or trying to put the ball in play, chasing a ball way outside. Looked like the final out of World Series game 7. Gregerson gets out of it with a strikeout of Infante to hold the 7-6 lead.

Bot 9

Doolittle facing Willingham. Doinker single on 1-2 pitch lands just in front of Reddick. Dyson pinch runs for willingham. Escobar sacrifices Dyson to second. Dyson steals third. Super close. Aoki deep sac fly scores Dyson.

Top 12

Finnegan starts the inning. 3-0 on reddick. 3-1 down the middle. Walk. Lowrie sacrifices Reddick to second. Frasor faces Callaspo. I wonder why they didn’t bring in Dunn here. Though in an interview Bob Melvin was convinced they would have walked Dunn. A wild pitch advances Reddick. Pop foul barely reached the dugout. Lucky. Infield in. Callo punches one over the head of Moustakas to take the lead, 8-7. Norris strikes out. Strikes looked outside on tv but consistent with Mueller’s strike zone. Punto pops out.

Bot 12

Cain leads off against Otero. 1-2. Nice play callaspo to Otero 3-1. Hosmer. Pretty good pitch called ball 1. 1-1 foul tip. 1-2 fouled back. 2-2 low. Foul. Ripped to left center high off the wall above Gomes and fuld for a triple. Christian Colon baltimore chop to Donaldson. Hosmer scores. No play anywhere. Abad in for Otero. Gordon fouls out to Donaldson. 2 out. Pomeranz in. No it is Hammel. Sal Perez. Throw over on Colon. 1-1. Outfield deep. 1-2 breaking ball missed badly. Ripken guesses Colon is going. Going. Pitch out. Norris missed it. Perez rips breaking ball down the line past diving Donaldson for walk off.


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