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Retirement Investing and Fantasy Baseball

January 8, 2010

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Financial Market Investing and Fantasy Baseball are two of my big passions. As I’ve read more and gained more experience with both I’ve gravitated toward a more hands-off approach. I’ve found that in many cases when you are overly active in either arena, people rescue defeat from the jaws of victory.

My strategy for both fantasy baseball and investing hinges heavily on doing homework at the outset. I form a strategy based on research, projected returns, the market environment, and diversification.

Once I have deliberated and emerged with a sound strategy, I put it into action. I don’t panic if the strategy initially stalls. I don’t lose sleep and most importantly I don’t abandon ship. I will reevaluate the conditions under which I formed the strategy. If the environment has remained consistent and no new information has emerged that refutes the initial strategy - there is no need for alarm. I did the diligence behind the plan and I am confident in its long term success. Short term fluctuations need not trouble me.

Don’t be swayed by external offers that deviate from your original strategy. There can be many but few warrant serious consideration.

Time Horizon

transactions and other activities are magnified as you near retirement or the end of the season. This is a time for conservatism, falling back on known quantities, accepting less volatile returns in favor of security.


Occasionally a player or investment will suffer from attrition. This is an event that if left unchecked may undermine your initial plan. These events must be identified and dealt with swiftly and in a manner consistent with the seriousness of the event.

An improbable situation may catch you off guard. In more predictable situations, contingencies should be in place to allow for the attrition and keep your team/portfolio in line with your initial plan.

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